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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekend Fun in Spencer County: Part 3

Okay, this is the last installment, but it’s a good one! Drum roll, please.

Spencer County is home to Santa Claus, Indiana!

What is more fun than a place that is pure Christmas?!

From Christmas lights all year round to the huge Santa Claus statues, this place is unique and fun.  You can even grab a hug from the man himself at the Santa Claus Christmas Store, which is open all year!

Santa Claus Museum & Village is a great spot where the kids can write a letter to Santa and mail it right there.  They even have the kids ring a bell so that the elves know a letter was just sent to the North Pole.  Plus, you can view letters to Santa that were sent from children in the 1930’s. It’s very sweet and nostalgic!

Oh, now don’t even get me going on Santa’s Candy Castle.  This is the only place in the world where your children can have a live chat via “web cam” with elves at the North Pole (wink, wink)!  The elves ask the kids questions about good manners, healthy habits, and behavior.  If their behavior is less than “good list-worthy,” then they make a promise to improve and receive a certificate that shows that they are on Santa’s “good list.”  It's so exciting for them, and the whole store cheers when they receive their Good List Certificate!

Some of the questions really hit home for my boys-- "Do you eat your dinner even when it's something you don't like?"  It's tough trying to stay get on the Good List!!!

Spencer County, Indiana (411)


{Well, I know you were on pins and needles wondering if my children were going to make it on the Good List... well, they did.  Phew... close call!!}

One extra bonus at Santa’s Candy Castle is their world-famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  This concoction just tastes like Christmas, and I bet you can’t drink one without getting a huge grin on your face!  It’s just that good.  Plus, the store is stocked with afforable stocking stuffers and treats for the kids… and a whole wall filled with nothing but Pez Dispensers!!!

To create a weekend experience with some of the fun attractions mentioned in our Weekend Fun in Spencer County series (Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3), there are Fall-O-Weekends packages available starting at just $99.99 for a family of four and includes a 1-night stay and coupon book for many of these attractions. 

It’s time to get ready for your family’s weekend getaway!


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