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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holidays Made Easy- Part 3

Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone … I believe it's high time to let the wrapping begin!
Here are some step-by-step notes on how to wrap a 'reusable' (or, as referred to by many, the "Soap Opera") gift box.  Apparently, soap opera stars always receive gifts wrapped like a "HolleyWrap" box! 
This is what we're shooting for: an elegantly wrapped gift box with a removable top.
Paired with it's similarly wrapped gift card box, this is a great example of how you can adorn a favorite gift wrap to create packages for any occasion.
Note: The houndstooth wrapped box top slides down over the kraft colored box bottom in this picture; they remain two separate pieces.
I recommend you watch this video. It's a great reference tool … most especially with regard to measuring and cutting wrapping paper for your "Soap Opera" box.  Once viewed, you may just be ready to start wrapping box tops, but before you get started, please allow me to add my three cents worth:
Unless you're adept at installing a swimming pool liner in a “sno cone” cup, don't try this without using a very sturdy box top
Heavy wrapping paper makes the whole process much easier and the result far more pleasing - the paper used in the video is fairly flimsy
Instead of cutting diagonal slits at the corners of the box, as shown in the video, try wrapping the corners and making 'envelope' folds as shown below … with heavier paper, it works out very well. 
Finally, here are my 'must haves' for great looking gift boxes:
  1. a sturdy box made of heavy cardboard - either constructed with pre-made, reinforced corners, OR, ones that fold and pop into place with reinforcing tabs - again, MUST HAVES
  2. a pair of sharp scissors - ones used for paper cutting only (f you need to buy new ones, they should only cost ~ $4.00 and you'll be glad you purchased them) - MUST HAVES
  3. good quality tape mounted on a desk top dispenser (again, if you need to buy one, you won't regret it) - MUST HAVES
OK, piggy-backing onto the video instructions, my paper is measured/cut, and I've begun wrapping the box top.

Plan 1/2 inch fold-overs all around; fold the ends envelope style.  Secure with tape where needed to keep the paper taut.

Tape up the final folds … though visible now, we'll add bands of ribbon to hide the end tape pieces a little later. 

Cut ribbon bands so that 1/2 inch segments will fold over the box top edges.

Tape bands into place; remembering to leave the top piece (black in this photo) loose on one end if you want to thread a bell onto it for decoration. 

Thread the bell onto the loose end of the ribbon, then wrap the ribbon snugly around the remaining box edge and tape into place.

Here is our box with paper, ribbon bands and jingle bell in place … 
To finish it up, tie a bow (like you tie your shoe laces) around the free sides of the box, positioning the bow just above or below the bell.  Lastly, add a sprig of fresh greenery. 

Fill your gift box with crisply folded tissue paper and gift items from favorite local artisans.  
You've just created a gift that's one of a kind, uniquely Louisville … and all Local.  Nothing better!

Contributed by Amy Holley of HolleyWrap, Louisville's Premier Gifting Service.
Photos by Melissa Donald.

Sources:  Louisville Stoneware, Red Hot Roasters Organic Coffee, Stellar Sweets & Coco's Chocolate Cafe.


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