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Monday, December 31, 2012

Going To Church- A New Experience

This is the first installment of a  4-part series written by Carrie Vittitoe to accompany her article in the December/January issue of Today’s Family magazine (page 18).

My son’s preschool, Jeffersontown Christian, sent home a flier about the church’s December services, and I began tinkering with the idea of visiting with my children during the holiday season. A few days later at preschool drop-off, Miss Jennifer said to me, “I read your article in Today’s Family. You and I need to have lunch and talk.
I think you’d like it here.” Soon after, my Today’s Family Now editor asked if I would attend a service somewhere and write about it.

Sometimes life sends a message, and I generally try to listen. It seems all the stars are aligning; so I’ve decided to attend a Sunday service with my children, something I’ve never done before. I have all kinds of weird feelings about it. Nervousness because I don’t know the format or what to expect in any way. Concern that my children will misbehave atrociously since they are not used to such settings. Excitement at the prospect that Norah, Graeme, and Miles will enjoy the children’s service. Relief that I will be attempting something more than haphazardly reading my children bible stories. A bit of guilt at not attending a Catholic liturgy since I was raised Roman Catholic.

I’m trying not to expect too much, and at the same time, keep my mind and heart open to whatever I might gain from this activity.

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  1. Keep some fruit snacks in your purse and sit in a spot you feel comfortable - for us is front side, not the last row- kids behave better when they can see the musical instruments for some reason, but we can still make quick exit for bathroom break or chill out break!

    I hope you have a positive experience.


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