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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Teen Trends- Winter Fashion

Trends are funny things. With fashion being so personal, it takes realizing what your own specific style is rather than looking at what's ‘in.’ It’s knowing how to incorporate the latest trends into your own wardrobe.

The winter season offers a whole new opportunity for fashion. When it's cold outside, the trick is to find a balance between practicality and style. Here are my top five must-haves for the winter season.

  1. Boots - they go with virtually anything, and the more worn out they are, the better! 
  2. Oversized sweaters - they’re perfect for winter because not only are they temperature-friendly but, if you pair them with skinny jeans or a fitted skirt, they're flattering, too!
  3. Patterned leggings - they’re great for this season because they allow me to show off a cute skirt or shorts while still staying comfortable.
  4. Hats - Knitted beanies are a relaxed way to add a little bit of color or edge to an outfit.
  5. Tall socks - I love over-the-knee socks because they keep me warm and can add a funky pattern to an outfit.
.. But always make it your own!
Trends are always important in your personal style, but don't be afraid to show off who you really are. I like to layer different pieces in order to keep them attractive and practical, all while making the look my own!

Fashion is all about risk, and I stand out in the winter season by incorporating this year’s trends in my own style with confidence.

Contributed by Rachel Nguyen, teen-writer for Today’s Family Now.

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