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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Your Family Moves to Another State

The Charley family, featured here in the April issue of Today's Family (page 20), is settling into their new home in Columbus, OH.  Read below to find out how they’re doing and what their kids thought about the move.

When I interviewed Amy Charley in January for the In Our Family feature, she and her husband, Brent, had a contract on their Louisville home, which fell through shortly after our conversation . They were a bit frightened by the prospect of having two house payments, but...
...within two weeks another couple submitted a contract to buy their home. The closing is in a couple weeks so Amy and Brent are very relieved.

The Charley children, Andrew and Lindsey, recently told their mom, “We are so glad to be back here.” They remember living in Columbus during their early childhood years. Andrew has joined the baseball team, Lindsey is on the cheer squad, and both have reconnected with old friends.

Amy’s family has been up to visit a number of times, and she is working to establish new routines in a town with which she is familiar. Life is carrying on.

Contributed by Carrie Vittitoe, parent-writer, Today’s Family magazine.
Photo by Melissa Donald.


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