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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Spring Wardrobe Made Easy

Spring is here! But admittedly, I’ll agree the weather is confusing. Toasty but not scorching, chilly but not frigid, rainy but not snowy. So what you need to do is find that perfect balance in your style and make this spring more than just an “in-between” season!

Pastels are key for the spring. Soft cardigans, color-washed jeans, peasant blouses… these pieces look perfect in pastels. That said, most people think spring is just about light colors, but instead of making your style the clich├ęd, flouncy ‘model’ of spring—add some edge. I love pairing the softest pastel pieces with black leather. In the form of pants, a jacket—even a nice, leather purse! I think it keeps the feel of spring but gives me a look that’s...
...pleasantly unexpected. People feel the sun outside and grab the neon colors and tank tops, but personally, I feel like that’s overkill. Dress for the varying weather; wear a sleeveless shirt on certain warm days, but when it gets chilly, throw on your leather jacket! It works just as well when you pair it with a flowing skirt.

The Boho look is one of my favorite trends this season. It looks earthier and mirrors that ‘seventies-vibe’—all while still holding a modern essence. Whenever I like to incorporate a certain Boho flair to my outfit, I make sure that it still stays fashionable and balanced. If the hippie-band or billowing sleeves start to look too costumey, I know I’ve gone too far!

Also, don’t be afraid to show off those strappy sandals! Wedges, heels, flats—it doesn’t matter. Again, try to stay away from the most neon sandals, but soft pink canvas heels or cork wedges are key.

Make your style really pop this spring, I hope these tips help.

Contributed by Rachel Nguyen, teen-writer for Today’s Family Now.


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