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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Tips for Using Cloth Diapers

Many parents find cloth diapers daunting, but they are really a very practical option. These 5 tips are useful for any parent considering an alternative to disposables.
  1. Find the right diapers for you. Parents considering using cloth diapers have the choice of three main kinds: pre-folds with covers, all-in-ones, and pocket diapers.
  2. Decide on the best method for storing dirty diapers. Either a wet bag or a diaper pail with a liner can be used for the dirty diapers.
  3. Choose a preferred method for getting rid of solid waste. Before putting a dirty diaper into the wet bag or diaper pail......any solid waste has to be disposed of. This can be done by using disposable diaper liners, a diaper sprayer, or by just flicking the waste into the toilet.
  4. Understand how to care for the diapers you choose. It is best to launder dirty diapers every other day. Each kind of diaper has their own care instructions that should be followed regarding which kind and how much detergent to use and whether or not they can be machine-dried.
  5. Research diaper services. For parents who would rather not wash dirty diapers, diaper services are available. One diaper service available in Louisville is the Diaper Fairy. For $21.50 a week, they will take your dirty diapers and deliver clean ones once a week.
Go here to read more from the article, "Cloth Diapers,” by Angel Lyn Nance, page 18, Today’s Family.

Contributed by Victoria Squillante, Intern, Today's Family.


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