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Monday, July 22, 2013

Before We Go...Out for (Affordable) Fun!

FAMILY ON THE GO Christy and Gary Roberts; Aubrey, 6; Lucy, 3; Logan, 1. They reside in Jeffersonville, IN.

A family of five, Christy Roberts, who works at Johnson’s 2 Day Care, and her husband Gary, a network engineer for Meredith Machinery, are “always on the lookout for free or cheap activities for the family.”

Here's a quick look into what they think about before they go... TO EAT

Christy and the kids always go to the grocery with a list and make choices based on a prior review of the sale ads and coupons clipped before shopping. A great way to dine out is... researching which local restaurants offer “Kids Eat Free Nights.”

Go here to read more from the Roberts family about where to shop, what to do, and where to go, page 40, Today's Family magazine.

*Follow all-terrain vehicle guidelines on how to safely ride on them. This photo was set up so everyone is visible — not for safety. (The vehicle was not in motion.)

Article by DeLisa Cuiccio.
Photo by Melissa Donald.


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