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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Backup Plan

Around Carrie Christensen’s seventh month, she had a gut feeling that gave her the courage to scrap her plans for a natural birth at a nearby hospital and go for a home birth. “The care at the hospital was wonderful, the birthing rooms were wonderful, but seeing the babies lined up in the nursery freaked me out. I’d seen my sister’s home birth and the immediate bonding between mother and child, and these babies lined up didn’t reflect that feeling.”

And Carrie’s insurance did not cover maternity care. At the time, the insurance she had paid on through her nonprofit for 16 years would only pay...
...maternity care if she bought the coverage 12 months prior to a pregnancy. Opting for a home birth was an emotional and financial decision that made sense.

“I already knew some midwives, and my first visit with one lasted longer than any of my prenatal visits at the hospital. It immediately felt right.”

Read about the outcome here in the June/July issue of Today's Family magazine- it's not what you expect.

Contributed by Megan Seckman, parent-writer for Today's Family.


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