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Monday, July 8, 2013

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

This topic hits a nerve with many parents in today’s world. I have two children who are eight years apart, and I have chosen to vaccinate both of them, but I do not take it lightly. I have done my research and choose to vaccinate, not because a doctor told me to, but by my own accord.

I have a wonderful pediatrician whom I trust deeply. We discuss vaccinations, and I always know what vaccine is coming and choose to separate them so my child does not...
...receive all vaccines at once at each visit. My pediatrician works with me and desires to have discussions with me about my concerns and what works best for my child and my family.

Some strategies I use when approaching the vaccination issue:
  • Research the guidelines/timelines for vaccination schedules
  • Become familiar with what vaccines are given at what ages so as not to be surprised at your well-baby checkups
  • If you are not comfortable with how your pediatrician approaches the vaccination issue, consider finding another doctor
  • Discuss your doubts and fears about vaccinations with your pediatrician and follow your own method (i.e., breaking up vaccinations into 2 or 3 visits, if necessary)
  • Join with other parents on discussion boards to receive support or advice that you will trust
  • Stand firm in your belief system and if you choose to vaccinate or not, remember it is your choice
  • As with all issues regarding raising children, all kinds of people will try to give you their opinion or their advice; be prepared for that
Contributed by Erin Nevitt, parent-writer for Today's Family.


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