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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Easiest Way to Pack for a Trip

Planning a Family Vacation- Part 5

When packing for a multi-family beach vacation, I recommend two things: Pinterest and consolidation. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas from "Top 10 Travel Tips" to "How to Pack a Beach Bag." We know the basics — extra swimsuits, umbrella, cooler for the beach, flip-flops. Here are a few of my new favorites:

* RoadNinja app for your smartphone
* Towels that double as cover-ups.
* HUGE beach bag. I've never had one big enough.
* Extra sunglasses (cheap).
* Baby powder for removing sand.
* Individual nylon drawstring packs.
* Blowup baby pool for toddlers at the beach.
* Powdered sunscreen.
* Giant Sand-less Beach mat.
* Collapsible beach chair with carrying strap.

On the website, we can list various things we're bringing to avoid duplication. I'm stocking up on trash bags to carry wet suits and towels and several plastic squirt bottles for the beach. My Eagle Scout husband has multiple first-aid kits and flashlights. Other items you might consolidate: Decks of cards, board games, paper towels, value-size laundry detergent, cases of water bottles and plastic sandwich bags for picnic lunches.

Lastly, check with the owner about extra outside seating and necessary utensils for the kitchen and patio grill. Now pack a good book, earplugs, and your pillow, and you're off!

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- Sanna Rogers, parent writer, Today's Family


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