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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why She Loves Assumption

Why I Love My School
Assumption  / By Hannah Rose Marks

The documentary on girls’ education ended and the girls around me were silent for a moment. In that still darkness, I closed my eyes and counted my blessings. The lights came up, and I stood up from the plush red seat, staring around the Assumption theater: a space that might as well be called my home. The ghosts of past rehearsals, performances, and group hugs danced in front of my eyes as I scanned the empty stage. I turned my head, and my principal caught my eye and smiled in that way she does, making me feel like I was secretly her favorite. One of my friends playfully shoved me out of the aisle, and we laughed our way over to a teacher I had never had in class before, though she embraced me like I was her daughter.

I worked my way out of the auditorium, stopping along the way to chat with various teachers and administrators who knew my name, knew in what I was involved, knew my dreams and fears. As I walked through the double doors out to the lobby, I stared up at the picture of Jesus that was as old as the school itself. My grandmother, my mother, and so many others in my family had looked into that kind face as they walked these halls. I was home, I was where God wanted me, and I was loved.

There are an estimated 1,025,110 words in the English language, and yet there are still not enough to adequately describe Assumption. When I think of Assumption, I don’t think of words, I think of feelings: those moments in life when everything seems to freeze, when I just want to bottle the feelings and experiences and moments and hold onto them forever. As I sat in one of my teacher’s offices, fretting over the impossibility of describing Assumption in a measly 400-500 words, she pointed out that I was right. In the future, I would not remember the words I used to brush the surface of the meaning of Assumption — I would remember these feelings.

That is Assumption. Learning to look at something differently and having the love and support of all of the faculty and staff push me to reach for my stars. Every girl is presented with a unique set of challenges and opportunities and encouraged to open herself up. I have presented a thesis paper, scored the music to full shows, taught a deaf pre-schooler sight words, and gotten a full ride to my dream school. I have seen my classmates become best friends with girls from Denmark and Argentina, design and create the set and lights and sound and costumes for a show, win state and national titles, raise money for causes they believe in, and be recognized at all levels for their talents. Every girl’s ideas are valued, and every girl has the opportunity to create something for herself; the teachers listen and want to hear our dreams and make them happen for us. Every girl’s experiences are unique, but the core of it is not. Assumption fits no mold; we form the mold ourselves. Like the Rockets we are, we shoot for our stars.

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  1. Ashley Dietz c/o 2003January 9, 2015 at 11:25 PM

    Wonderful job!!! So true!!! :)


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