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Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Make a Family Vacation Possible

Twenty Lambert Family T-shirts were packed in our bursting van. Unfortunately, my hanging clothes were not. Casualty number one. So, we stopped at a Goodwill deep in Alabama, and I quit cursing under my breath. The last to arrive, we raced into our beach house to find our rooms.

When I saw my pregnant sister-in-law's small room next door to six kids I moved her suitcase into our King-sized bedroom with private bath. Casualty number two, but well worth it.

For four days we crashed in the waves, divvied up Boogie Boards and read under the shade of three conjoined tents. We slathered our kids with (not enough) sunscreen and ate simple meals together, everyone tired and salty.

Mom's one wish was a family picture. We loaded Dad's wheelchair, drove to a ramp access, and got his toes into the sand. As the sun was setting, we realized our oldest brother was still searching for parking. Oh, and no one thought to get a photographer. Mom panicked, nearly in tears. So, we snagged a college guy from the surf and gathered around. Still no brother. While college guy was fixing the aperture for the darkening sky, my brother comes running. Snap, snap, snap. Sigh of relief. No casualty this time. Twenty smiling faces. One unforgettable 50th anniversary vacation.

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- Sanna Rogers, parent writer, Today's Family


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